Open Course

If you’re interested in game design, or using games in teaching then this space is here to help. You can drop in and out of activities, share with the community, or use the space as a resource in your own teaching.

This isn’t exactly your ‘usual’ game design course, but we will still make games and other playful stuff together, don’t worry. This isn’t your usual design thinking course either. This is something in between, something hybrid: a course about how playfulness can change the world. For real. Trust us.

Stage 1: Designing & Empathy

The beginning of this course is designed to make you feel uncomfortable, possibly even fearful. It’s only once we recognise these feelings that we can empathise with users.

Stage 2: Remixing Play

Game Mechanics – starting from what we know, we’ll deconstruct games into basic mechanics. This is all about exploring different ways of doing and playing.

Stage 3: Breaking the Rules

This section will see you breaking games and finding ways to cheat. If we know how to hack games, we can begin to understand the mechanics behind them.

Stage 4: Building your Game

This section will allow you to “translate” game concepts between different tools, and appreciate constraints and differences.

Stage 5: Testing & Refining

Learn some “tricks of the trade” for playtesting and quality assurance. Does your game work? Is it usable? How could it be improved?

Stage 6: Publishing & Play!

Think about meta-games – something that everybody can be involved in.

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