Co-Creativity in Education

February 13th 2018


Remix Play 2 is hosted by Coventry University’s, Disruptive Media Learning Lab. and powered up by HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council of England) and UK/Newton. The summit celebrates design and application of all things gameful, playful and creative in education.

This year, we put co-creativity under the spotlight, and examine how we can help foster more co-operative play in higher education. Staff, students, industry professionals and academic practitioners will come together for an interdisciplinary discussion and access to a range of hands-on practical workshops. Experiment, build and share creative ideas, and if all else fails… there is always cake (lie).


Keynote Speaker: C. Ross Flatt

C. Ross Flatt is the Manager of Programs of Institute of Play where he leads the development of highly engaging programs for youth and adults. Ross manages the implementation and evaluation of all IoP’s programs such as TeacherQuest, a professional development program that introduces educators to game-based learning and design thinking. Prior to joining the Institute, Ross graduated Gettysburg College with a BA in History and an .Ed.M in Educational Administration and Supervision.

Ross has worked as a teacher, curriculum developer and administrator for middle and high schools, most notably Quest to Learn, a New York City public school founded by The Institute of Play. At Quest, he worked as a 6th grade teacher and later an assistant principal before joining the Institute full time.

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Hazel Grian

As a writer Hazel has a unique kind of expertise: beginning with 15 years in theatre, film and radio, followed by a decade of experimentation in digital storytelling. She collaborates with digital agencies, technologists, researchers and communities because she is driven by a creative ambition to reach audiences with the ‘magic’ of new technology. Hazel also believes in building new connections across disparate parts of the city.

As a resident at Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio for a decade, Hazel has built bridges between Universities and those outside education and innovation, working with young people in particular. During two years at Knowle West Media Centre in South Bristol, Hazel developed the area’s first makerspace, The Factory, which aims to provide this deeply deprived area with the resources normally found in universities. Hazel continues to act as a mentor for young people in creative approaches to new technology.

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Christophe Raimbault
Christophe Raimbault is an award winning board games designer from France. In 2014, he created Colt Express, a railway-themed family board game that won the 2015 ‘Game of the Year’ Jury Award.
With a Masters in Games & Education, Christophe is particularly interested in creating and playing immersive and narrative-led games. Christophe is currently prototyping his next game concepts and works at a board game library, a place where families come to play and learn together.
Paul Flannery
Paul Flannery is an award winning Comedian, Actor, Director and Writer best known for Knightmare Live, the critically acclaimed stage adaption of the cult TV show.

Paul has previously appeared at The Crystal Maze live experience as one of the Maze Masters and his solo hour; The MMORPG Show won ‘Festival Spirit’ at VAULT 2016. You can also see him as Dr Benjamin Wilder Jnr at The Bewilder Box escape room in Brighton.

His further work at VAULT in 2017 earned him an Outstanding Contribution award.

TimeQuest Ltd
TimeQuest Ltd. is a family run, live escape room experience located on the outskirts of Paddock Wood in Kent. Each of our games offers teams the chance to work together to complete a fun mission objective. Working against a 60-minute clock they must find important items, solve a series of puzzles and tasks before the clock runs out! To help support each mission, teams have a dedicated game master who offers support from distance. All of our missions are designed and built in house, catering to a specifically themed period. The missions are great fun if a little stressful and perfect for family friends and for team building days.

With a Masters in Games & Education, Christophe is particularly interested in creating and playing immersive and narrative-led games. Christophe is currently prototyping his next game concepts and works at a board game library, a place where families come to play and learn together.

Keynote Speaker: Prof Sylvester Arnab

Sylvester is a Professor in Game Science, Research and Innovation lead at Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL). Game Science refers to playful and gameful methodologies for user engagement, experience design and behavioural change, which include investigations of the impact of applied gaming, serious gaming, game-based intervention, gamification and playful techniques in various domains, underpinned by pedagogical, motivational and psychological theories and practices.

Sylvester is a champion of gameful, playful, and persuasive design that transforms ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences. His research interests include: the application and impact of games science; gameful and playful design; serious games; gamification; serious play; and game design thinking.

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Giskin Day
Giskin trained as a botanist in South Africa before falling in love with a British species and moving to London. After five years at the Science Museum she moved next door to Imperial College London. She coordinates College-wide courses in the humanities. Giskin is an unofficial ambassador for the humanities in the Medical School and frequently is called upon to suggest resuscitation techniques for lifeless teaching workshops. She has an MSc in Science Communication and an MA in Literature and Medicine from King’s College, and might soon embark on a PhD on the rhetoric of gratitude in healthcare.

Giskin is a recipient of Imperial College’s President’s Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Excellence in Teaching, and was made a National Teaching Fellow in 2015. But what she treasures most are the various appreciative cards from students she’s hoarded over the years. These are what she’d save in a fire. Along with the balloon crocodile that lives on her desk.

Dr Alan Richards
Dr Alan Richards is the Innovation Lead for the Beyond Flipped programme of activity at Coventry Universities Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL). He pushes the adoption of flipped learning as a method of active participation and skills development, and rallies against the idea of lectures been videos for online resources.
He is a LEGO Serious Play qualified facilitator and leads on the use of LEGO across the University as well as working with companies and organisations to develop innovative practices through the use of play.
Sean Graham & Tsvetan Tsankov
Between them, Sean and Tsvetan have over 8 years experience building VR and AR for education within the Centre for Excellence in Learning Enhancement (CELE), situated within Coventry University’s Faculty of Health and Life Science. Their projects include a simulation of dementia, a non-linear communication framework, and a mixed reality classroom that blurs the line between the digital and physical space.
Hack The Box
Hack The Box is an online platform providing labs and challenges for cyber security training. The platform allows the members to exchange ideas, methodologies and engage together in several of the presented challenges. In order to become a member, a user has to solve an initial security challenge called “Hack the invite code”.

By employing several social and gamification elements Hack The Box makes the learning experience fun and rewarding.