Virtual Escape Rooms (VERs) using Microsoft Teams

Project Duration: Ongoing

(2020 – Ongoing)

An adaptation of the ‘Escape Rooms’ methodology in online learning to facilitate active learner-led activities.

The project investigates whether the adaptation of ‘Escape Rooms’ methodology in online learning could support learner-led activities towards demonstrating study skills/competencies needed to analyse, employ, synthesise, and communicate evidence. The research has been built into an existing module at Coventry University – 4006SPO: Study skills and insights into research in coaching.

In our investigations, we are exploring three key aspects: (1) engagement, (2) self-efficacy, and (3) competencies. The engagement aspects include the playful experience, perspectives on the approach, and gameplay strategy. Scales for self-efficacy will be correlated against how they perceive the Escape Rooms experience.

Competencies associated with the learning objectives of the module include identifying a range of evidence types (scientific discovery and application, digital literacy) and interpreting information from a range of different evidence types (data interpretation, time management, problem-solving, exploring data). The target competencies also include communication and teamwork.


Downloadable Guide

Create your own Virtual Escape Rooms using MS Teams

The document provides the step-by-step guidelines on how to create your own VERs for your modules and courses. The example shown in this guidance document can also be repurposed and redesigned using other platforms.

Video Tutorial

Virtual Escape Room: An Introduction into the Instructional Design

This video introduces and provides viewers with a basic breakdown of how VERs are conducted and the instructional game design behind its creation.

Internal Partners

Disruptive Media Learning Lab

Coventry University, UK

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Thumbnail

Sports and Exercise Science

Coventry University, UK


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