Game Changers’
Playful Stories

Play is a powerful tool for learning design, but don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of the Game Changers themselves.

Whilst we do a lot of fun things, we want to understand how our projects work with the end users. Here you can find a growing collection of quick (and very DIY) interviews with the people who have worked with us to create playful experiences, or that want to create one and are trying to get their ideas out there. These videos are an easy way to get an idea of what our team can help you create, and, most importantly, to get some perspectives on how working with play and games can change the way you think about teaching and learning.

Mike Duncan’s Bewilderment

What’s in the mailbox this week? Michael talks about how together, we created a mystery scenario to foster his students’ metacognitive skills and how exploring a problem through play helped him and his students think creatively and scientifically at the same time.

Amanda’s Play Day

Our greatest Champion, Amanda, talks about why, as a learning developer in Electronics, Engineering and Computing, she is so eager to push games and play as whole new approach to teaching and learning, and what she is doing to get people onboard within her faculty.

Rob’s Team Phoenix

Nothing better than some fun to build a team! Rob Eddon, from Coventry University Students’ Union, talks about how an in-house game show helped student athletes to improve their communication and performance.

James Shuttleworth’s Conspiracy

Heard of the Illuminati? James talks about how he engaged and confounded his ethical hacking course with a twist in educational design.

Kathryn’s Games for Assessment

If you think “it’s all fun and games, until we actually have to get to assessment”, then think again as Kathryn talks about how she fully embedded game design and creation in her course, and her students discovered a new, playful way to engage the general public and make people be more active.

Linda’s Healthcare Management Game

You don’t need to have a fully formed game idea in mind to engage with us! Hear Linda, senior lecturer in healthcare management, tell us about her game-making plans for next year, and how she thinks that our approach can make all the difference

Duane Bottling it Up

How can plastic bottles be used in teaching? Duane talks about the use of bottles as props to teach Human Nutrition.

Billy and Tiziana’s ImparApp

Have you ever played Pokemon GO? Of course you have! Billy and Tiziana talk about their experience with students co-designing a pervasive gaming app. ImparApp helps people learn Italian while discovering clues to a time-travel mystery scattered all around Coventry!