Play in education,

GOLD WINNER QS Reimagine Education awards 2021

GOLD WINNER QS Reimagine Education awards 2021

for ‘Science of Learning’ catergory
for the GameChangers Initiative

BRONZE WINNER QS Reimagine Education awards 2023

BRONZE WINNER QS Reimagine Education awards 2023

for ‘Sustainability Education’ category
for the ACES Initiative

We believe that everybody can play and create games. We believe in games for learning, and learning through play.

The GameChangers programme focuses on the design and implementation of playful and gameful learning experiences, promoting the emergence of a more equitable, exploratory, creative culture in everyday academic contexts.

GameChangers is a community of researchers, developers, and practitioners interested in exploring the opportunities of creating playful and gameful experiences as mediums for both expression and learning.

Long Lamai, Malaysia. CreativeCulture 2018

Empathic Co-Creation: The creation and co-creation of playful and gameful systems.

Remix Play 2: Card game design workshop, 2018

The creation and co-creation of playful and gameful systems, as an activity on the edge of the diverse fields is a productive ground to cultivate creative and innovative mind-sets.

Creative and playful spaces enable the hybridity of different disciplines, interests, and backgrounds to come together to experiment and learn how to fruitfully cooperate. GameChangers emphasises a pragmatic approach for empathically designing, developing, and implementing playful and gameful intervention, reflected by its various initiatives involving educators and learners in marginalised communities.

Frugal Education. Designing creative, practical, and sustainable education by leveraging frugal innovation practices.

CreativeCulture Seminar, Sarawak, Malaysia. 2018

Creativity and resilience is at the core of what we do. Over the years our team has fostered a frugal approach to education innovation; merging playful learning with creative problem-solving to deliver innovative, practical, and sustainable pedagogic practice within our projects.

We embrace openness and believe everyone should be able to benefit from our efforts. To that end, we endeavour to make all our designs, resources, and research open access; complete with guides and examples of real-world implementations to help you re-use, re-share, or remix through the power of Creative Commons. Learn more about our frugal education work here!

We love what we do and we’re proud of the recognition we’ve received along the way.

Winner - Gold for 'Science of Learning'

QS Reimagine Education Awards 2021

Winner - Gamification in Education & Learning Award

The Gamification awards – Gamification Europe 2019

Winner - Merit for E-learning Excellence Award

European Conference in E-Learning 2018

Winner - Gamification Software Award!

The Gamification Awards – Gamification Europe 2019

Winner - Outstanding Contribution to Gamification Research

The Gamification Europe Awards – Gamification Europe 2018

Joint Winner - International Educational Games: Games in Development

European Conference in Game-Based Learning 2019

Meet the Team.

Sylvester Arnab

Sylvester Arnab

Co-founder | Professor of Game Science

Researcher, designer, and practitioner of playful and gameful learning with a focus on the investigation into empathic design practices. Sylvester has published a book on ‘Game Science in Hybrid Learning Spaces’, which provides insights into the research and practice of purposeful game design with a focus on hybrid education.

Jayne Beaufoy

Jayne Beaufoy

Senior Project Manager: Applied Innovation

Senior Project Manager with over twenty years experience and a proven track record of managing Research Projects in the Higher Education sector, providing a high level of service to internal and external customers achieved by building strong professional relationships.

Alex Masters

Alex Masters

Co-founder | Innovation Technologist

Innovation Technologist, designer, and practice-based researcher of frugal education. My interests focus on the intersection of innovation, education, and sustainability, with an emphasis on the benefits of frugal practice and the use of trailing-edge technologies to deliver creative, practical, and sustainable education.

Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke

Assistant Professor of Design Futures

Practical developer and researcher of game-based learning and gamification in the educational environment. My research and interests are mainly in the area of curiosity, narrative, and puzzle-led games that include escape rooms, D&D, mystery boxes, and choose-your-own-adventure-style games.