Project Duration

(2020 – Present)

A playful approach to empowering data literacy.

The pervasive presence of data in the daily lives of European citizens underscores the necessity of acquiring the skills to adeptly navigate this emerging data-centric society. Adult education stands as a potent avenue to engage a substantial portion of the population and provide the necessary support to cultivate data literacy among adult learners. With the mission of enhancing this journey, the DaLi project endeavours to formulate resources that hold the capacity to nurture data literacy within local, regional, and European contexts.

DaLi project is centred around addressing the fundamental aspects of data literacy training for adult learners, particularly in informal settings. This objective is to be realised through the collaborative development, testing, and assessment of pedagogical methodologies, alongside the creation of a toolkit consisting of playful learning resources and educational games.

By adopting a playful approach, our intention is to stimulate a heightened demand for learning and participation, achieved through effective outreach, guidance, and motivational strategies.

Project Partners