A guest post by Game Changers student intern Gaurav Agarwal.

Participating in the Train Mate sensor-based game development project this year has been an incredibly fun and eye-opening adventure. As a second-year computer science student with limited experience in game development, I was both excited and a bit nervous about jumping into this new world. But the journey, the amazing team, and the challenges we conquered together made this project an absolute blast.

Working with Mark, Jaimz, and Sylvester was an absolute treat. Each of them brought something unique to the table, making our team dynamic and full of creative energy. Despite my initial inexperience, the team’s support made all the difference. Our weekly meetings were something I looked forward to, where we’d throw around ideas, share our progress, and solve problems together. These sessions were not just productive—they were fun and full of laughter, making the whole process enjoyable.

Before this project, I had never touched Unity. The thought of learning it from scratch was intimidating at first. But with Jaimz by my side, it quickly turned into a thrilling experience. His expertise and friendly guidance made Unity feel less like a complex tool and more like an exciting new toy. I soon found myself exploring its features, trying out different elements, and watching our ideas transform into reality. It was like stepping into a playground where creativity knew no bounds.

One of the coolest parts of our project was integrating a sensor into our game. This added an extra layer of challenge and innovation, making the whole process even more exciting. It was incredibly satisfying to see our hard work pay off as the sensor seamlessly interacted with our game mechanics.  

I also joined the Remix Play: Sensors hackathon, and wow, what an experience! The fast-paced environment, the rush to come up with solutions, and the thrill of working on something new in a short time were both intense and exhilarating. It pushed me to think quickly, adapt on the fly, and collaborate efficiently. 

By the end of the project, we had a working gamified app that we were all incredibly proud of. The sense of accomplishment was huge, and it felt amazing to see our ideas come to life. This project not only taught me new technical skills but also boosted my confidence in tackling new challenges. It showed me the value of teamwork, the importance of persistence, and the sheer joy of bringing a creative vision to life.

Overall, this game development project was a fantastic journey filled with fun, learning, and growth. It has sparked a new passion for game development in me and given me skills and experiences I’ll cherish forever!

Gaurav Agarwal.