Esports in Education and its benefits to employability skills and experiences


Esports being a global industry creating millions of jobs with a competitive streak, young people are going to be the game changers of that world. Much like other talent-based technology industries, it is difficult to get your foot in the door without the prior knowledge and experience.

The Coventry Crosshairs project is a grassroots organisation that helps young people to understand the required skills and knowledge for undertaking roles in Esports. Through a playful and supportive environment, Coventry Crosshairs aims to develop transferable skills that is not only useful for esports but the wider STEM industry.

Young people learn to work as part of a team, lead and coach others, build a community and have fun whilst gaining vital experience that would make them stand out to future employers. They build upon their interest and passion for games and work in an ecosystem of a multitude of career pathways.

Over the last 2 years, this has been a successful project and is continuing to thrive during the global pandemic as most of the events and planning were undertaken remotely across the UK. This is a project that is worth celebrating and mirrored in other educational institutions.

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Shoubna Naika-Taylor

Curriculum Lead for Creative & Digital
Owner, Coventry Crosshairs / Women in Games Ambassador 
Coventry College, UK
Twitter: @queenbeesenpai



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